1. Accommodation Policy
  2. Accommodation Appeal Process
  3. Legislated Responsibilities
  4. Standards of Practice

Accommodation Policy

Click here for information including:

  • Statement on Academic Accommodation: Academic Accommodation Policy for Students with Disabilities
  • Policy: Implementation

Accommodation Appeal Process

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  • Informal Appeal Process
  • Formal Appeal Process
  • Academic Accommodations Appeal Committee

Legislated Responsibilities

Click here for information about Carleton’s Duty to Accomodate as well as information regarding the Academic Accommodation Policy and the Academic Accommodation Appeal Process

Standards of Practice

The Paul Menton Centre (PMC) developed Standards of Practice to inform and guide practices and decision-making related to provision of academic accommodations and support services. The Standards were developed, and are continuously updated, with feedback from PMC staff and colleagues from other disability service offices across Canada. The Standards consist of Principles, Guidelines, and Decision Maps in the areas of Documentation, Accommodation, and Services. The Principles are aligned with the PMC Mandate, Carleton University Academic Accommodation Policy, and relevant guidelines from the Ontario Human Rights Commission. The Guidelines and Decision Maps are derived from the Principles and consist of internal guidelines for decision-making used by the PMC Coordinators.