1. In-Class Tests and Midterms
  2. Formally Scheduled Examinations

Instructors and Scheduling & Examination Services (SES) share the responsibility for the provision of test/exam accommodations to students with disabilities at Carleton.

In-Class Tests and Midterms

In-class tests or midterms are those that are conducted within the classroom, or any tests that are NOT administered by Scheduling & Examination Services (SES), regardless of when they are held during the term. Instructors are responsible for providing accommodation for all in-class tests/exams.

McIntyre Exam Centre, operated by SES, is the main resource on campus to assist instructors with in-class test/exam accommodations.

If you need assistance accommodating PMC students for your in-person or online test or midterm, please submit a Notice of Examination (NoE) through the Ventus Faculty Portal by the deadline established by the McIntyre Examination Centre for the term. This deadline is communicated in the Examinations Memo sent to all course instructors by Scheduling & Examination Services (SES)at the beginning of each term. For more information about MEC’s services and deadlines.

Formally Scheduled Examinations

Formally scheduled exams are mid-term, final, or deferred final examinations administered by Scheduling & Examination Services (SES) within the dates specified in the Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar. SES is responsible for making accommodation arrangements for all formally scheduled exams.