1. In-Class Tests and Midterms
  2. Formally Scheduled Examinations

Instructors and Scheduling & Examination Services (SES) share the responsibility for the provision of test/exam accommodations to students with disabilities at Carleton.

In-Class Tests and Midterms

In-class tests or midterms are those that are conducted within the classroom, or any tests that are NOT administered by Scheduling & Examination Services (SES), regardless of when they are held during the term. Instructors are responsible for providing accommodation for all in-class tests/exams.

  • McIntyre Exam Centre, operated by SES, is the main resource on campus to assist instructors with in-class test/exam accommodations.  The Exam Centre requires the instructor to submit a booking request with 2 weeks notice, subject to availability and booking criteria. The Exam Centre booking request form can be found under the Faculty section of Carleton Central.
  • Alternatively, Instructors may choose to make their own arrangements.

Formally Scheduled Examinations

Formally scheduled exams are mid-term, final, or deferred final examinations administered by Scheduling & Examination Services (SES) within the dates specified in the Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar. SES is responsible for making accommodation arrangements for all formally scheduled exams.