1. Mission
  2. Mandate
  3. Philosophy
    1. Integration
    2. Individualization
    3. Independence


To foster equal access to the university experience for students with disabilities while maintaining academic standards through provision of academic accommodations and support services, in partnership with the Carleton community.


  • Create awareness at Carleton University through the provision of educational and communications materials, professional development and other campus activities
  • Provide individualized support services for students with disabilities.
  • Work co-operatively and in consultative capacity with the various faculties, schools and administrative units on campus to support services, research, teaching and program initiatives which relate to disabilities.
  • Provide leadership in the identification and resolution of issues concerning access to post-secondary education for persons with disabilities.
  • Facilitate, in co-operation with others, the transition of students with disabilities from school, college and community to the university and from university to community.
  • Improve the physical accessibility of Carleton, making buildings more accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Provide student assistance through the support of a Volunteer program, which includes scribes, note-takers, tutors, and other necessary services
  • Improve access to the teaching experience with classroom accommodations such as sign language interpreters
  • Provide the facilitation of academic accommodations (e.g., extended time, alternate formats etc.)
  • Provide mediation between staff and student if the necessity arises
  • Make specialized equipment available for loan (e.g., digital recorders, SmartPens, FM systems for the hearing-impaired).


Services and programs for students with disabilities at the Paul Menton Centre are based on the values of integration, individualization, and independence.


The Paul Menton Centre is committed to facilitating the integration of students with disabilities into all aspects of Carleton’s university life. Integration has always been a central focus behind how we deliver services and programs. Students registered with us are not only PMC students but students of the whole Carleton University community. As such, we try to meet the diverse needs of our students through specialized programs and services offered by the PMC as well as generic services available in the wider Carleton community.


Services should be available throughout the University that meet the needs of the individual student, rather than be provided on the basis of the disability. Each individual approaches his or her disability in a unique way. Carleton’s obligation is to meet those individual needs without sacrificing academic excellence.


The primary goal of support services and programs is the facilitation and encouragement of independence in learning, rather than dependency on others. This independence-orientation to service delivery is based on the recognition that the development of autonomy is essential for successful learning in university and beyond.