1. Institutional Obligations
  2. Accommodation Process
  3. Extended Time for Assignments
  4. Test and Exam Booking
  5. Resource Guides

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Institutional Obligations

Click here to review the obligations of Carleton as an academic institution.


Accommodation Process

Academic accommodations are based on disability-related needs and are intended to minimize the impact of functional limitations due to disability.  Accommodations are not intended to provide unfair advantage, because students are still expected to meet the same course objectives and complete the same set of course requirements as all other students in the course.

Click here to read about Carleton’s accommodation process.

Extended Time for Assignments

Prioritizing academic demands is an essential skill to develop for all university students. Post-secondary education requires you to engage in self-directed learning, manage increased academic and competing demands and learn how to juggle priorities at school and beyond. Time management and organization skills are an essential part of being an independent learner and a university student.

Click here for information regarding responsibilities and roles regarding assignment extensions and due dates.

Test and Exam Booking

Instructors, Scheduling & Examination Services (SES), and the CUOL Office share the responsibility for the provision of test/exam accommodations to students with disabilities at Carleton.

Click here for policies, guidelines, and instructions on booking for tests and examinations.

Resource Guides

Click here for additions resources.