1. Who are we?
  2. Our Team
  3. Mission, Mandate and Philosophy
  4. Our History
  5. PMC Affiliates

Who are we?

The Paul Menton Centre (PMC) is the designated department at Carleton University coordinating disability services on campus. The PMC works in partnership with the Carleton community to increase accessibility and integration of students with disabilities into all aspects of university life. Our About Us page provides more detailed information about what we do.

The PMC provides services and accommodations to Carleton students with documented disabilities. Delivery of services and accommodations is based on the core values of integration, individualization and independence, and are integrated to the extent that is possible, varying from student-to-student depending on individual disability-related needs. Information about some of our services and accommodations is available via the Current Students page.

Our Team

The Paul Menton Centre staff consists of a number of Disability Coordinators, Learning Strategists, Assistive Technologists, and Student Support Staff who work together to coordinate academic accommodations and student support services for students with disabilities at Carleton University.

The PMC Front Desk can be reached by email, pmc@carleton.ca, or by telephone, 613-520-6608.

Contact information for individual staff members is available on the Our Team page.

Mission, Mandate and Philosophy

PMC’s mission, mandate and philosophy are built on fostering equal access to the university experience for students with disabilities while maintaining academic standards through provision of academic accommodations and support services, in partnership with the Carleton community.

Our History

In January 1990, Carleton University opened the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities (PMC) named after Paul Menton, the first Coordinator of the Program for the Disabled. Paul pioneered a sense of community and integration for all students with disabilities while he was at Carleton. After leaving Carleton, he continued to be involved with and contribute to the program until his untimely death in May of 1989.

PMC Affiliates

The PMC is affiliated with a number of departments on campus ranging from research and development, employment initiatives and personal care/attendant services.