1. Turn to PMC for…
  2. New Term Checklist
  3. Accommodations and Services
  4. Extended Time for Assignments
  5. Test and Exam Information
  6. Financial Aid
  7. Resources for PMC Students
  8. Important Dates and Deadlines
  9. PMC Individualized Learning Strategies
  10. Meta-cognition, Outcomes, Resilience and Education (MORE)
  11. myPMC Portal
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Accommodating students with disabilities at Carleton University is a responsibility shared among the various partners in the accommodation process: the students themselves, the Paul Menton Centre (PMC),  course instructors, Scheduling and Examination Services (SES), and Carleton University Online (CUOL). Make sure to be informed about your responsibilities and how those fit in with the responsibilities of your peers, professor(s) and academic institution.

Note that accommodations are both course and section-specific. In the event that you switch courses or sections you will also need to submit a new accommodation request.

Turn to PMC for…

The Turn to PMC for… webpage provides a guide for where to direct the different types of questions you may have, and what type of supports may be available to you.

New Term Checklist

The New Term Checklist for PMC Students is a step-by-step on how to get started with your accommodations, services, and resources.

Accommodations and Services

Academic accommodations and services are individualized to each student and the learning needs of each course. They must be requested each semester, and will vary course-to-course in order to fulfill learning needs and outcomes.

Know what to expect from:

Extended Time for Assignments

Prioritizing academic demands is an essential skill for all university students to develop. Post-secondary education requires you to engage in self-directed learning, manage increased academic and competing demands and learn how to juggle priorities at school and beyond. Time management, organization skills and an understanding of your own responsibilities as as well those of your professors and/or other university departments are an important part of being an independent learner and successful university student.

Ensure that you review the policies and expectations regarding extended time for assignments in full, and maintain open communication with your professor(s) and PMC coordinator throughout the process.

You can improve your core competencies related to self-regulated learning (e.g. time management, prioritizing, studying) by using a wide range of campus resources. These important transferrable skills can help you in your studies and in the workforce. We encourage you to use learning support services on campus and at the PMC to adapt your ability to manage your time and stay organized.

Test and Exam Information

Visit the Test and Exam Information Page for details about the types of accommodation, types of tests and exams and FAQ’s.

Financial Aid

For details regarding scholarships, bursaries, and awards that are available to students who identify as having a disability.

Resources for PMC Students

PMC works in partnership with the Carleton community to increase accessibility for students with disabilities into all aspects of university life.

There are resources and supports specific to PMC students in addition to the many student support services available to all Carleton students.

Learn about:

  • workshops for taking quality notes in class
  • financial aid available to students who identify as having a disability
  • career development and employment opportunities

Important Dates and Deadlines

A list of important dates and deadlines to add to your calendar. Including:

  • Test and Examination Accomodation Request Deadlines
  • PMC-Specific Bursary Deadlines for Application
  • Adaptive Equipment Return
  • Transcription Services
  • Sign Language Interpretation

PMC Individualized Learning Strategies

One-on-one learning strategies (LS) support designed to help each individual student make the most of their learning style. For information or to be referred to a PMC learning strategist please speak with your PMC coordinator.

Meta-cognition, Outcomes, Resilience and Education (MORE)

Meta-cognition, Outcomes, Resilience and Education (MORE) is a pilot program for new PMC-registered students aimed at the improvement of academic and mental health outcomes through enhanced supports. These supports focus on student engagement, skills building and resilience. MORE complements the provision of accommodation services currently offered by PMC.

myPMC Portal

MyPMC Portal is part of the University’s ongoing efforts to integrate services for students with disabilities at Carleton.  To activate myPMC, you must meet with your coordinator at the beginning of the school year.

Through myPMC you may request and update class, test, and exam accommodations.  If accommodated for a notetaker, you may also download lecture notes via myPMC.

Coordinator Drop-in Hours

At this time all coordinator drop-in hours have been cancelled until further notice.

To make a phone appointment with your coordinator email PMC, pmc@cunet.carleton.ca. Please include a list of times that your are available for an appointment in your email so that booking can be completed as smoothly as possible.

PMC Study Pods

Do you miss studying in the library, coffee shops or random spots on campus? Are you more productive and stay on-task when you work beside fellow studious beings?

Monday through Friday, PMC hosts virtual, hour-long study sessions called Study Pods to simulate these environments. Stay accountable to yourself and others in a friendly setting.

Fall term Study Pods begin on Monday, September 27.

Friday Socials

Friday Socials are facilitated by students for students and supported by staff members from PMC.

Participants are able to check-in with their peers, share ideas and discuss inspirations in a time of isolation. Each social has a different focus from overcoming time-management difficulties to making art with typical household items!

The schedule for Friday Socials is available on the Friday Socials webpage along with sign-up instructions to receive Zoom link(s).