1. Academic Strategies and Support Group
  2. Graduate Student Writing Group
  3. ADHD Group
  4. Friday Socials
  5. PMC Study Buddy Program
  6. PMC Anxiety Group Series

In efforts to support students in keeping connected with the PMC, each other, and their studies, the PMC has created a series of support, social and study groups open to all PMC-registered students.

These groups range from an opportunity to interact with peers socially, to being a place of accountability for studying.

Be sure to review our meeting guidelines before attending the first session of any group.

Academic Strategies and Support Group

In an open discussion, the virtual Academic Strategies and Support Group: Keeping up with Summer Courses will offer academic support throughout the Spring and Summer terms.

Possible topics include specific learning strategies for time management and procrastination, reading, writing, studying, note-taking, as well as goals and habits.

Graduate Student Writing Group

The Graduate Student Writing Group is for any graduate student working on an independent project (seminar or conference paper, grant proposal, journal article, thesis, manuscript, etc).

The group provides a space for accountability for projects without traditional deadlines and the chance for students to set tangible writing goals for the session and for the upcoming week.

ADHD Group

On hiatus for the summer term.

Open to all Carleton students, the PMC ADHD group is a place to learn more about ADHD and get practical strategies to work with your brain in a neurodivergence-friendly way, facilitated by PMC Coordinators and Learning Strategists.

Friday Socials

Please note that Friday Socials are on hiatus for the summer term. 

Friday Socials are facilitated by students for students and supported by staff members from PMC.

Participants can check-in, share ideas and discuss inspirations in a time of isolation. Each social has a different focus from overcoming time-management difficulties to making art with typical household items!

PMC Study Buddy Program

The Paul Menton Centre’s Study Buddy Program connects students in the same class(es) to hash over course materials and prepare for upcoming assignments, tests and exams.

The program aims to facilitate study sessions early on, so that as the semester progresses, students can begin to take scheduling matters into their own hands. PMC Learning Strategists are also available for support, by request, during study sessions.

PMC Anxiety Group Series

On hiatus for the summer term.

The PMC Anxiety Group Series facilitated by PMC Coordinators, provides a space where attendees will learn how to change your relationship with anxiety.