1. ADHD Group
  2. PMC Anxiety Group Series
  3. Procrastination Workshops and Groups
  4. Graduate Student Writing Group

In efforts to support students in keeping connected with the PMC, each other, and their studies, the PMC has created a series of support, social and study groups open to all PMC-registered students.

These groups range from an opportunity to interact with peers socially, to being a place of accountability for studying.

Be sure to review our meeting guidelines before attending the first session of any group.

ADHD Group

Please note that the PMC ADHD Group is on hiatus for the summer term.

Open to all Carleton students, the PMC ADHD group is a place to learn more about ADHD and get practical strategies to work with your brain in a neurodivergence-friendly way, facilitated by PMC Coordinators and Learning Strategists.

PMC Anxiety Group Series

Please note that the PMC Anxiety Group is on hiatus for the summer term.

The PMC Anxiety Group provides a space where attendees learn new strategies to manage and change your relationship with anxiety, while connecting with others who share similar experiences.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for anxiety. The goal of the PMC Anxiety Group is to give you options to choose from. Students can participate as much or as little as they wish. The main thing is to show up!

Procrastination Workshops and Groups

Starting September 2023

Are you putting things off and waiting until the last minute to complete your coursework? Attend our procrastination workshops and join our support groups to understand the black holes of procrastination.

Changes occur when you practice skills and apply them in your life at home, school and work.

Graduate Student Writing Group

The Graduate Student Writing Group is for any graduate student working on an independent project (seminar or conference paper, grant proposal, journal article, thesis, manuscript, etc).

The group provides a space for accountability for projects without traditional deadlines and the chance for students to set tangible writing goals for the session and for the upcoming week.