Our Department hosts a number of engaging events, including our signature Chet Mitchell Memorial Lecture and Jurisprudence Centre Seminar Talks series, major conferences and ad-hoc events.

Chet Mitchell Memorial Lecture

This lecture series, much like its namesake, the late Professor Chet Mitchell, brings together speakers and audiences who share a passion for law, legal studies and the social sciences. Presentations for this lecture series include high profile speakers from a variety of backgrounds. Speakers selected for this series will typically include public figures, jurists, and/or intellectuals that have broad appeal and that engage with aspects of legal studies and social justice. Learn more.

Jurisprudence Centre Seminar Talks

Also known as JurisTalks, this seminar series is a long-standing tradition in the Department of Law and Legal Studies aimed at stimulating academic dialogue and innovation toward the development of legal studies research and theory. JurisTalks feature academics from other institutions as well community activists. Learn more.


The Department of Law and Legal Studies periodically hosts majors conferences. Learn more.

Let’s Talk Research

The Let’s Talk Research series is an internal speaker series designed to allow Department of Law and Legal Studies Faculty Members and PhD students a platform to share their works-in-progress in an environment that fosters constructive feedback and collaboration.

Ad-Hoc Events

The Department of Law and Legal Studies thrives on the discussion and investigation of current events, new policies, and legal matters of all kinds. Events include book launches, panel discussions, movie screenings and more. Learn more.