6:00 – 8:00 p.m., October 1, 2018, 230 Tory Building, Carleton University

Hosted by Janna Klostermann (janna.payne@carleton.ca)

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, writer/researcher Janna Klostermann will provide tips for phrasing, outlining, editing and thinking through your grant application. Walk away with opening and closing lines, along with tangible next steps for refining your research project and proposal!

Designed for fourth year students or grad students in FASS, the aim of the workshop is to support you in writing/editing your OGS and SSHRC research statement (aka. program of study). The workshop will involve analyzing successful statements, identifying effective ways of phrasing or organizing them. The workshop will also include time for you to engage with and edit your/others’ research statements, providing constructive feedback and investing in your/others’ scholarly development.

To attend (and as an admission fee), please bring three hard copy, printed rough drafts of your OGS or SSHRC research statement. If you need some inspiration, check out samples of successful OGS and CGS proposals here or consider making a point form list of your research objectives (or questions), research context or area of focus, proposed methods, or your past experiences/suitability.

Oh, and, if you are a TA, please register on Carleton Central!