Mitacs Training has launched a new learning management system called EDGE (Education, Development, Growth, and Engagement). EDGE has started replacing Mitacs Training’s past learning platforms and is designed to enhance student’s training experience through courses and curriculum. By accessing EDGE, students will be able to:

  • Enroll in Mitacs Training courses scheduled across Canada
  • Access Mitacs Training’s online course catalog
  • View and download transcripts following successful course completion
  • Check course registration status, download resources and tools, and more!

To get started on EDGE, students will need to:

  • Visit
    • We recommend using a web-based browser. The site isn’t fully optimized for mobile browsing just yet.
  • You will be required to create a new account! Please do not attempt to use your existing login credentials with previous Mitacs platforms, they will not work!
  • Select your Learner Affiliation on the EDGE Registration Portal
  • Carefully select your current Mitacs Program Affiliation
  • If you are not a Mitacs Intern or program participant, please select General

Carleton students please note:

  1. As a Carleton graduate student you can attend any Mitacs Training workshop anywhere across Canada. If you are working as a TA when you attend and you would like the hours spent in these workshops to count toward your voluntary pedagogical training hours, you will need to send proof of your attendance (a transcript will do) to I cannot record your training hours if you notify me after the term deadline for submission (November 30 for Fall Term, March 30 for Winter Term).
  2. All Mitacs Training workshops are open to Carleton postdocs as well as graduate students.
  3. Mitacs Training offers a number of fantastic online training courses and I encourage you to take advantage of these. However, these do not count toward pedagogical training hours.
  4. We will continue to post upcoming Mitacs Training workshops in Ottawa in our Grad Navigate listings. To see full descriptions and details you will need to log into the EDGE system.

If you have any questions, please contact David Lafferty, Coordinator of Graduate Professional Development, at