Please note: this event is not sponsored by Carleton but may be of interest to Carleton graduate students.

Beyond the Professoriate 6th Annual Online Career Conference for Grad Students & PhDs

A blend of professional development & career exploration, intended to inspire and empower. The two-day conference features practical sessions facilitated by PhDs (Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM) employed beyond the professoriate in Canada and the United States.

Register Here: (Use discount code FriendofBP for $10 off)

Attend Live: 4 May & 11 May 2019, starting at 11am ET

Location: Online! Attend the conference via Zoom webinar

Video Replay: Available to stream on demand between May 15th until June 15th 2019

Price: Registration $59 US + fees (Use discount code FriendofBP for $10 off)

Registration & Program:

Who Should Attend: Graduate Students, recent PhDs, Postdocs, Adjuncts, Faculty Members and anyone else interested in learning about career options for PhDs

What to expect:

  • Two days of sessions facilitated by PhDs (Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM disciplines) employed beyond the professoriate in Canada and the United States.
  • Typical attendees are STEM, Social Science, Humanities, and Education graduate students and postdocs.
  • Over 600 people registered for the conference in 2018, and some participants attend multiple years in a row.
  • The conference’s success is due to our dedication to research-informed design.

With your ticket, you can attend the conference live and ask questions of our speakers and panelists. The conference proceedings will be recorded and available to ticket-holders to watch during the replay period. You can access conference recordings until June 15th.

Previous attendees have highly valued their conference experience:

“Great advice from great people. A wonderful source of information, advice, and inspiration for PhDs in the beginnings or midst of career-transition!”

“This was a very informative and inspiring event! I learned a lot from the panelists. I love the fact that your panelists discussed a wide range of employment opportunities and career paths.”

“I walked away from this conference feeling both hopeful about future prospects and much more confident about my ability to succeed outside of academia.”

“Hands down the best resource I’ve found for exploring post-PhD career options and learning how to successfully navigate this transition. …The panelists at Beyond Prof gave me practical strategies I can start using right now to make the leap from grad student to working professional.”

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