ComSciCon is a series of workshops focused on enhancing communication skills and fostering an inclusive community that can effectively communicate scientific information to academic and non-academic audiences. Created in 2013 by graduate students at Harvard University and MIT, over 2000 graduate students have now benefited from learning the skills needed to communicate complex concepts within science, engineering and other technical fields to reach broader and more diverse audiences. ComSciCon has now come to Canada to empower the next generation of leaders in STEM fields across the country.

This year, ComSciCon Canada will be holding a National Workshop (ComSciConCAN) in a hybrid format from August 12th-14th, 2022. The conference is completely free of charge for selected attendees (travel [full or partial], lodging, and food will be provided).

The application deadline is April 18, 2022 and the application form is available here:

 For more information, please refer to the National Workshop website ( or contact us directly at our email address