This November, PhD student Brittany Amell is contributing a series of blog posts in honour of AcWriMo, or Academic Writing Month. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry! AcWriMo is simply a month (November) in which participating academics from all over the world try to get as much writing done as possible. There are many different ways to approach AcWriMo, but the main thing is that you set a goal regarding your writing, that you make it clear to others that you are participating in AcWriMo (and thereby aiming to achieve the goals you’ve set), and that you do your best to reach that goal (no shaming allowed!).

Brittany is a third-year doctoral student in the School of Linguistics and Language Studies. Her research interests include the research, theory, and pedagogy of academic writing. Her current research focuses on the writing that doctoral students do. She will be writing four blog posts in November, one for each week of AcWriMo. Her goal for AcWriMo is, in her words:

…to write for 2 hours every day. I have several projects I am working on, so there are a few things in the rotation to keep me occupied. I’m also less worried as to whether I complete the 2 hours at once, or in shorter bursts, so long as I have spent 2 hours writing.”

Good luck, Britt!