It’s not hard to see why Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Master’s student Aditi Singh placed third at Carleton’s 2019 Three Minute Thesis Competition. She’s an impressive public speaker with the ability to clearly and concisely communicate her research to a varied audience.

Aditi works on real world problems. Her thesis is entitled Shape-changing break reminder for people with repetitive strain injury. She talks about the prevalence of repetitive strain injury among people with desk jobs. She conducted interviews, design critique, and co-design session with people with repetitive strain injury to gather new insights that would inform the design of a future shape-changing device for them.

Aditi is supervised by Dr. Audrey Girouard in the School of Information Technology. She is co-supervised by Dr. Anne Roudaut, an Adjunct Research Professor of the School whose primary affiliation is the University of Bristol. Aditi carried out her research in the Creative Interactions Lab here at Carleton.

How Aditi managed to deliver her message in exactly two minutes and fifty nine seconds, I’m not quite sure. I invite you to click on the link below – you won’t be disappointed.