Everyone we meet might hold a story that could change our lives for the better.  Our challenge is to find those stories in the people around us and to bring them the gifts that we have to offer.

This ten week program offers a valuable contrast and a complement to academic studies at University.  It is designed to explore the rewards and challenges of meeting and collaborating with other people.  It proposes to help participants explore who they are and who they can become.  We will try to find a way to share what we are passionate about and thereby discover a foundation for friendships and mental health.

The group will be guided by a Social Worker, Jane Keeler, and a Psychiatrist, Barry Dollin, who both have many years of experience working in group settings and who continue to enjoy exploring the mystery of how people can help one another. We will use a variety of methods including dialogue, journaling and action techniques to create a safe space for learning about ourselves and others.

Although there are no academic credits for this program, the benefits are usually tangible.  We recommend that you email us your questions, or that you schedule an individual interview to speak about the curriculum if you have an interest in this group or compelling doubts about the value that this program could have for you.

2018-2019: To Be Announced