Smoker? Non-Smoker? It doesn’t really matter. Smoking affects us all!

Leave The Pack Behind helps occasional and regular smokers to quit smoking; protects non-smokers from second-hand smoke; prevents students from starting to smoke; and exposes tobacco industry tactics that keep people hooked on its deadly products.

On-Campus Activities

Whether or not you smoke, LTPB has something for you. Visit the resource centre at HCS for carbon monoxide testing, self-help programs, peer led services, and information about quit aids and clinical interventions available. If you do smoke, please keep in mind that LTPB will NEVER pressure you to quit. That’s completely you’re choice – we’re just here to help!

To contact the HCS “Leave the Pack Behind” team, email or call us at (613) 520-2600 ext. 6544. ¬†You can also visit the provincial Leave the Pack Behind website for more information.

Carleton University’s Smoking Policy.