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The Innovation Hub’s Lightbulb Moments blog presents: Jake Ayre & Luke Meadus

Startup: CheapNite | Hub program: Hatch

Jake and Luke

About Luke & Jake’s startup, CheapNite

CheapNite is a digital marketing platform aimed at helping users easily find restaurant deals, specials, and promotions in their local area. The mobile app, in early September, gives consumers all the best local deals at their favourite spots. The app doesn’t just give customers access to affordable nights out, it also gives business owners a quick and simple opportunity to showcase their deals like never before.

Restaurants can upload their information onto CheapNite’s “Deal Builder” to have their specials ready to be advertised on the app in a matter of minutes. With personalized analytics, businesses will receive weekly reports that show how they are performing on the app and give insights on how to improve. Using CheapNite, establishments can gain a competitive advantage over their competition all while giving their beloved customers the deals they love and desire.

CheapNite’s Lightbulb Moment:

Lightbulb Moment stickerBack in October 2022, Luke Meadus was hanging out at home when it happened… the craving. The craving for some good food. He didn’t want to eat fast food – no – he wanted some quality, yet reasonably priced grub. During this time, money was tight for Luke and many of us can relate to the difficulties of being on a student budget. So, Luke went searching the web for food deals like half priced wings, all-you-can-eat ribs, nacho nights, taco Tuesdays, or happy hour specials. To Luke’s misfortune, all he could find were outdated blogs and restaurant websites that were confusing to navigate.

As he hopelessly sought answers to this timeless problem, an idea dawned upon him. What if someone solved this problem? What if someone were to create a platform that gave people access to all the best daily deals around town? Naturally, Luke went to his good friend Jake Ayre, and after some brainstorming, CheapNite was born. Since then, Luke, Jake, and the rest of the CheapNite team have been working vigorously to turn their idea into a tangible reality.

Who has been your biggest support system for you in your entrepreneurial journey?

We asked Luke and Jake what their major support systems have been in the process of getting CheapNite up and running. Two common themes arose during the conversation: each other, and the Innovation Hub. Luke and Jake praised the help and support they received from the Innovation Hub’s Hatch program, “We received tons of good insights from talking to the experienced guest speakers. Having the opportunity to tell them about our startup and receive valuable, tailored advice has been extremely helpful for us”.

The CheapNite team also emphasized the benefits they received from being at the Innovation Hub on a weekly basis. Being in a comfortable space where they get to test their assumptions with experienced mentors and peers around them helped them polish their vision. They found solace in being surrounded with fellow entrepreneurs who shared the same drive and passion that they possess.

What would you say to a student who is interested in one of our programs?

Some advice that Luke & Jake would give to students: “If you have an idea, join! If you have even the slightest bit of interest in entrepreneurship, this is the place to be. If you’re looking for a job, being a founder of a startup looks way better than any other position. Worst case, you boost your resume and secure a better job. Best case, you make a ton of money and fulfillment”.

CheapNite will be hitting app stores in September of 2023. Make sure to keep up with all things CheapNite below!

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