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Ideas Winter 2024 | Registration is now closed

We look forward to welcoming a new cohort of Ideas participants in the Winter 2024 term!

Develop practical solutions for real-world clients | Gain hands-on experience | Expand your project management skills

Program Term: Fall & Winter | Program Timeline: Asynchronous

The Ideas program is a 12 to 14 week experience which occurs each term that provides students with experiential learning opportunities through placement on a real-world client project where they will design and deliver a solution.

What is the Ideas program?

Students work with colleagues from different faculties and programs to find innovative solutions to problems submitted by businesses and community partners. Develop vital communication, collaboration, project management and digital literacy skills essential to future career success while working in teams with other driven, like-minded individuals. Clients and partners include for-profit, government, or non-profit / social-impact focused organizations.

Why join Ideas?

In addition to the valuable learning experience, the connections you will make, and the support you will receive, students enrolled in an Innovation Hub program will also receive a certificate upon completion. Each program challenges students in new ways and pushes them to develop specific skillsets. There’s no limit for how many programs you can complete, and we encourage passionate individuals who are willing to work hard to join any program when they are ready. Visit the Hub and speak to our team to determine which program is right for you.

When does Ideas take place?

Ideas is delivered twice a year in the fall and winter terms. The next Ideas program cohort launches in September and will span about 12 weeks.