These companies have participated in the Lead to Win Opportunity Review process and are advancing through the program. We congratulate the founders on their progress and invite the community to support these exciting ventures.

Actio is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution company designed to automate and systemize corporate management practices. Our platform integrates multiple methodologies to ensure complete control of all information, goals, results, and actions. Actio offers five modules: Strategy Management, Risk Management, Performance Management, Variable Compensation, and Budget Matrix. These modules are available both as standalone products and as integrated solutions to ensure that organizations have a unified platform to meet their diverse management needs. Our solutions are user-friendly and highly customizable to adapt to the unique requirements of each organization.

EdMission is revolutionizing the way colleges and universities approach their international student enrolment processes. We provide a comprehensive solution that not only recruits top international students but also automates the tedious task of document processing. EdMission is setting new standards in educational administration efficiency. With EdMission, institutions can expect to see up to a 60% reduction in the time and effort traditionally required by administrative processes, coupled with a remarkable increase of up to 20% in international student enrolment rates. EdMission is a partner in redefining the future of international education, making the dream of a streamlined enrolment pipeline a reality.

Unmatched expertise. Unparalleled results. Spectergy is the evolution of an energy company. We combine the expertise of registered energy auditors with green building design and net-zero operations. Powered by industry-leading equipment, driven by the latest decarbonization strategies, our unique capabilities allows us to offer you a seamless experience in simplifying savings. Spectergy integrates expert solar contractors, building envelope and air sealing professionals, with residential energy renovators – all in house. And we guarantee results.

Forget the hassle of finding, qualifying and managing multiple companies as we handle it all within our exclusive co-delivery network. Our unparalleled approach ensures you get the most out of every available incentive program, maximizing your comfort while significantly lowering your energy bills. When you’re ready to unlock your home’s potential while navigating the remaining incentive programs with ease, connect with one of our experts today.