Photo of Steve  Carkner

Steve Carkner

Director, Technology and Business Strategy, Stryten Energy


Steve is the Director of Technology and Business Strategy at Stryten, one of North America’s largest manufacturers of advanced battery systems. Steve joined Stryten through their acquisition of Galvion Power Systems Inc. a military focused company and one of the largest producers of soldier worn protective gear, power and high technology systems in the world. Steve was also the Head of Innovation for Revision Military which was sold to Asgard Partners in late 2019. Steve has a history of award winning business and technology achievements with companies like Blackberry where he was the director of intellectual property and Panacis where he was the founder and CEO prior to acquisition in 2014. Steve was also instrumental in organizing the acquisition of companies like Lux Aerospace (Tuscon, AZ) and Protonex Power Systems (Boston, NH)

He has founded Profit 100 companies, received the Deloitte Green 15 award and is a Top-40-Under-40 alumni and has served as an advisor and board of directors member in dozens of startup companies.

Steve is listed as an inventor on about 80 patents worldwide.