Photo of Aryaman Harlalka

Aryaman Harlalka

Incubator Coach

Aryaman is a 4th generation entrepreneur from Bangalore, India. He is 22 years old and is in his 4th year of the Industrial Design degree at Carleton University. Aryaman has been interested in entrepreneurship and the creation of products ever since he was a young man, with his first business being a kindergarten barter company when he was 5 years old More recently, he has an ever-growing interest in Web 3 and AI technology, being a co-founder and CEO of a startup that reached 20 employees. He is now undertaking a different adventure, using his previously acquired knowledge and skills to build a startup in the Web 3 space. Moreover, athletics and music are the 2 things Aryaman can’t live without, with most of his free time being taken up by these activities.