Photo of Avery Sheppard

Avery Sheppard

Breakthrough Program Participant

Degrees:Bachelor of Commerce (3rd year)

Meet Avery Sheppard, a dynamic and ambitious young entrepreneur currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at Carleton University. Avery is a third-year student in 3 streams: entrepreneurship, accounting, and finance. Born with a passion for culinary arts and a flair for business, Avery has embarked on an extraordinary journey as the proud owner of a seasonal restaurant, Purvis Fish and Chips. The restaurant is located on the water front in Northern Ontario, established in the summer of 2021, seating 80 people. Her leadership and management skills have been honed through the challenges of running a business while balancing academic responsibilities. She has just finished her first level of culinary arts school at Le Cordon Bleu while attending University. Which showcases her drive and passion in life along with her strong skills of organization. She is excited to be part of Breakthrough to help expand her knowledge, network, and skills to expand her business.