Photo of Jacob Giacobbi

Jacob Giacobbi


Jacob is a second-year business student with a background in video production and digital marketing. His passion for storytelling and business has led him to pursue a career in marketing, having worked in social media management for two years in the real estate, CPG, and e-commerce industries before starting his studies at Carleton University.

Recently, he’s been specializing in creating short-form video content for businesses to help them build brand awareness and generate leads on social media.┬áHe just completed a 5-month contract as the social media manager for Great Canadian Bungee, accumulating over 100 million views on his video content created for the company, and increasing their followers on all platforms from 30k to over 135k by the end of the summer.

Jacob is now focusing on his university studies while continuing to service businesses as a freelance social media marketer. He’s also looking to utilize his marketing skillset to start his own entrepreneurial venture.