Photo of Max  McConkey

Max McConkey

Launch Program Participant

Max McConkey, a 20-year-old business marketing student at Algonquin College, brings a unique entrepreneurial spirit shaped by a diverse past. Originally enrolled in criminology at Carleton University at 18, Max pivoted after a year, gaining valuable experience in door-to-door sales and as a cologne salesman at Hudson’s Bay. His journey reflects adaptability, resilience, and a passion for business.

Now, as the co-founder of “Buzz Boyz Pest Solutions,” set to launch this May, Max leverages his two years of hands-on experience in the pest control industry. Teaming up with a dedicated partner, they aim to provide effective mosquito and tick control services in the Ottawa area. Buzz Boyz Pest Solutions embodies Max’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, promising a venture rooted in expertise and driven by a genuine desire to address a crucial need in the community.