Carleton University and IBM Canada have joined forces through a 5-year multimillion-dollar research partnership agreement. Carleton’s Institute of Data Science– with industry guidance and experience from IBM– look to equip Carleton students with a unique set of skills and knowledge for emerging career opportunities in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

The agreement establishes a framework for joint research and educational initiatives to boost the University’s cross-disciplinary AI and Data Science programs, further advance its technology-rich learning environment, and foster work-integrated learning experiences.

We’re excited to expand our partnership with IBM Canada. AI, machine learning and cloud technology are transforming how we live and work, and this alliance will provide students with the research and learning opportunities needed to thrive in the jobs of tomorrow and future proof Canada’s workforce and economy.”

Carleton President Benoit-Antoine Bacon

Carleton and IBM Partner in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science for a Future-Ready Workforce

Shared Goals

  • Recruit and develop the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science graduates.
  • Connect students with industry professionals.
  • Develop technological tools and training for graduate students and researchers.
  • Collaborate on cross-disciplinary research projects.

IBM Canada


Cloud technology and machine learning play a large role in the everyday life of Canadians. Our reliance on these recently developed technologies is just being recognized and the potential to improve quality of life and accelerate business opportunity remains untapped. IBM Canada and Carleton University recognize not only the significance of advancement within this field, but more importantly the impact that this collaboration will have on shaping the future.

As businesses continue to accelerate their digital transformation, there is an increasing demand for access to talent and emerging skills in growth areas of data science, AI and machine learning. With the expansion of our collaborative relationship with Carleton University, IBM will provide leading-edge technology, industry expertise and apprenticeship and training opportunities to help address the digital skills gap in Canada and build domestic talent for secure, high-paying careers in AI and data science that are already in high demand.

Steven Astorino, IBM Canada Lab Director and Vice President of Development for Data and AI

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Carleton and IBM Canada will develop new technological tools and training for graduate students and researchers. During the first year of this agreement, IBM Canada is committed to providing:

  • Student apprenticeships with IBM Garage™, an end-to-end co-creation and innovation model for accelerating digital transformation;
  • Opportunities for collaboration on research projects, including interaction with the IBM Data Science Elite™ team;
  • Micro-credentials in data science, AI and machine learning through the Learn@IBM platform;
  • IBM guest lecturers for ongoing and new programs in data analytics;
  • Support for further community outreach initiatives at Carleton with IBM experts in Enterprise Design Thinking.

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