The iTeam is a volunteer employee-initiative, which brings together members of the Carleton community who use iPhones & iPads on campus. We host Lunch‘n’Learn sessions, deliver custom workshops for your Department or Faculty upon request, and maintain an iPhone/iPad How To library.

Your iTeam Volunteers:

Photo of iTeam members

iTeam members, L-R, Melissa, Charlotte, and Ben at Carleton’s annual OQI showcase.

  • iTeam co-founder Melissa Manocchio is a gadget enthusiast, a lover of all things ‘Vegas”, and an approachable teacher for the technology-challenged. Melissa’s vision: we’re smarter together than separately.
  • Charlotte Bradley is a yogi, an entrepreneur, and a social media maven. As the iTeam’s webmaster, Charlotte maintains the iTeam’s Zen by making the complexity of web publishing, simple. Namaste Charlotte.
  • iTeam co-founder Ben Schmidt is an engineer, an inveterate adopter of new technology, and a long-time practitioner of BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology). Ben was recruited by Melissa to share how he uses his personal iPhones, iPads, and other technologies in the workplace.

Why We Volunteer:

  • Mar 7 “Thanks so much !!! for holding these sessions, I find them very useful.”
  • Jan 24 “Thank you very much, Melissa – I’ve got the app [QuickOffice Pro], and am able to see track changes and comments by accessing the [MS Word] document in Dropbox, and then opening it using Quickoffice.”
  • Oct 31 “Very informative session; I’ll be back for more.”
  • Sept 10 “Thanks for the session today; I learned a couple of really good tips and am all excited to start implementing them! Thanks for the individualized help at the end of the session.”
  • June 19 “Perhaps you can show me how to use my ipad? I’m just kidding! I kind of know how to use it. You just push here and there and shake it when it does not work.”  
  • May 28 “Dear iTeam, I am impressed with the level of effort that has gone into the creation and ‘care and feeding’ of the iTeam! Having this resource has been invaluable to me, and I will gladly spread the word every chance I get! Happy Anniversary!”
  • May 28 “Dear iTeam, thank you for the informative session today on projecting from your iPad. Please subscribe me to your email list for Lunch ‘n’ Learn reminders.”
  • May 7 “Very cool… it’s an interesting model: volunteer driven, obvious passion, no cost. Are you measuring any changes in behaviours of attendees after the training? Seeing how effective the sessions are? Are the sessions open to the public too?”—@Feather
  • Mar 12 “Dear iTeam, the website is great. I subscribed to the RSS feed.”
  • Jan 22 “Dear iTeam, Please add me to the iPad distribution list to receive notices about workshops. I attended the January iPad for Beginners – 1 session and LOVED it. You guys did an amazing job and I can’t wait to come back to learn more! Thanks so much and see you soon.”
  • Jan 18 “Dear iTeam, First off – AWESOME session yesterday! Thank you so much for sharing all this information. I checked out the “How-to” page on the iTeam web site. You suggest two products to handwrite notes: Notability and NoteTaker HD. Do you prefer one over the other?”
    iTeam responds: NoteTaker HD has more features but comes with a steeper learning curve. Notability has a less daunting user interface.
  • Jan 4 “Dear iTeam, Thanks for showing me the ‘Find iPhone‘ app. My spouse ‘lost’ their phone this AM. I used the website to send a sound to it. Heard the sound and we located it [in a hidden sidepocket in a handbag]. Without the app we would be contemplating a new phone.”
  • Nov 22 “Dear iTeam, I had to run before the end of your demo, but wanted to say thank you very much for the lesson. I have the confidence to try my [iPad] update now!”
  • Aug 29 Away Day Workshop, MacOdrum Library staff thank you cards!
    iTeam responds: Amanda, thanks for taking the time to us know it was helpful.
  • Feb 23 “Dear iTeam, Thanks for the training session yesterday – it was very useful.  And…whatever you did to my iPad with the rebooting…worked.  It was fine at home yesterday with my wifi network.  I am so happy about that. Also – I am already using Dropbox so thanks for those tips as well.”