This Strategic Impact Group initially focused on the wicked problem “In our diverse community, what can we do to stimulate and enrich engagement in our workplace”. Recognizing that this was a very broad topic to research, the 2015 Employee Engagement Survey Results were leveraged to narrow the scope to “Empower Early Conflict Resolution”.  The Survey results suggest that conflict resolution in the workplace is a concern within the Carleton community. Many do not believe that conflicts are effectively resolved at an early stage. Our Strategic Impact Group examined the issue of empowering early conflict resolution. We began by mapping existing processes at Carleton and meeting with various units engaged in addressing conflict: Equity Services, Human Resources, and the Office of Quality Initiatives. We identified what we believe is an opportunity for Carleton University to enhance and empower early conflict resolution.

Please bring your mobile device so that you can fully participate in our presentation. It would be preferable to have a QR code reader on your phone.

  • Bruce Clemmer (Assistant Director, Operations and Infrastructure)
  • Sharon Johnston (Administrative Officer Faculty of Public Affairs)
  • Robert Monti (Director Labour Relations, Employee Relations and Compliance)
  • Karen Schwartz (Associate Dean Research and Graduate Affairs)
  • Laura Storey (Director Housing and Residence Life)
  • Paul Van Geel (Chair Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)