Is Carleton University the best kept secret? Our Strategic Impact Group investigated our university’s reputation, stories, relevance, and the common themes that make us unique. The focus of our SIG is opportune given that the university recently launched a study of how Carleton University is perceived by its internal and external communities. We hope that our work can feed into the new strategic planning process underway to define a vision for how we might better serve our community and contribute to the greater good. Our findings suggest that Carleton is a university that listens and is always striving to be better. As such, this has been a topic of interest to many before us. Our principal recommendation will be to demonstrate the value of storytelling and adhering to our core values to build on Carleton’s reputation.

  • Erika Banski, Head, Cataloguing and Collection Maintenance, Library
  • Diane Chea, Director of Philanthropy, Advancement
  • Cathy Edwards, Research Facilitator – Strategic Initiatives, Research Impact, and Engagement
  • David Hornsby, Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning
  • Leonard MacEachern, Associate Professor, Department of Electronics
  • Boris Vukovic, Director, READ Initiative