The diverse workforce of our University faces unique systemic and bureaucratic barriers to their daily productivity. Our SIG focuses on ‘Inspiring Excellence across Campus’ by enhancing productivity and achieving performance excellence. We study productivity through the lens of Engagement, Incentives, training and development.

With a working hypothesis that ‘An engaged worker is a productive worker’, the group studied the 2015 CU Employee Engagement survey. We determined that employee engagement was high across Carleton and not an appropriate avenue to pursue as a means to improve performance excellence. Next, the group undertook an exercise to determine the daily distractions that may take Carleton staff and faculty away from their core job. Simply put, by identifying non-core activities in everyone’s daily work flow, we see opportunities for improved performance, through re-prioritization, increased focus, and investment in lower cost solutions. Our findings led us to consider the role of incentives towards greater productivity and explore ‘Time’ as an incentive that may be effective in our multi-union environment at Carleton University.

Through our SIG, we present our exploratory findings, and discuss opportunities to enhance performance excellence across campus.

  • Anshul Singh, Assistant Director, Admissions Services
  • Chris Lannon, Assistant Director, Industry and Partnership Services
  • Christopher Moy, Assistant Director, Campus Safety Services
  • Chuck Macdonald, Dean of Science
  • Jaymie Koroluk, Assistant Director, Educational Development Centre
  • Pam Wolff, Instructor, Department of Chemistry