Photo of Cindy  Taylor

Cindy Taylor

Associate Vice-President, Human Resources

Cindy Taylor is Carleton’s Associate Vice-President (Human Resources). Well-known to the Carleton community for her outstanding leadership of the Office of Quality Initiatives over the last 12 years, Cindy has distinguished herself by establishing Carleton Leader, Service Excellence, Healthy Workplace and Mental Health at Work. She has played a critical role in the university’s previous Strategic Integrated Planning process and instilling a framework for continuous improvement and workplace excellence throughout the university.

Cindy joined Carleton with considerable experience in the private sector over a distinguished career spanning more than 30 years in both the higher education and financial sectors. She has also served as the president of the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation: High Education’s Network for Change Leadership.

Cindy’s coaching philosophy

The coaching experience creates space to explore opportunities and discover solutions to achieve personal and professional goals to realize positive results. Everyone has inner wisdom that they can tap into to accomplish what they set out as goals.

The value of coaching

Coaching harnesses the strength of individuals and creates opportunities to build capacity. The Coaching relationship is a co-creation between the coach and the coachee.  There is a mutual trust, respect and suspension of judgement that is built during the coaching experience. The coaching relationship allows the client to say whatever is on their mind, and allows me to listen, be curious, challenge thinking – together we collectively move forward. I am there to encourage you to go down your own path.