There’s something for everyone.

Carleton University’s Learning and Professional Development (LAPD) encourages Carleton faculty and staff members to explore impactful opportunities for personal and professional growth. Founded on the belief that all employees make a valuable contribution to the university’s ability to meet its mandate, LAPD recognizes that our organizational, departmental, and individual successes depend on and support one another.

LAPD strives to offer accessible, diverse, evidence-based and meaningful learning opportunities to the faculty and staff community, ensuring that everyone has opportunities to learn and grow. LAPD provides academic staff, professional services staff, managers, chairs, directors, and members of the university’s executive team opportunities to further develop and learn new skills that can support them in their current and future career endeavors.

From skill-based workshops to communities of practice and management development opportunities, LAPD is always working to ensure that the workshops, trainings, information sessions and events being offered help to “Enable Our People“.

Learning Opportunities

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Management Development

Supervisory Development Series

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