Carleton University provides one-on-one coaching to staff and faculty. Coaching at Carleton is an opportunity for focused, personal development with the support of a certified personal and professional coach. Internal coaches are available to work with you to meet your goals.

What is Coaching? Coaching is a goal-focused partnership between coach and coachee and a strengths-based approach to personal and professional development. It involves an open and honest one-on-one dialogue, structured to achieve desired results. Coaching leverages the coachee’s strengths and creates space explore possibilities and remove obstacles. Its purpose is to allow staff and faculty to trust themselves to:

  • contribute to their own development;
  • think/act in potentially challenging situations; and
  • take initiative to address issues as they arise.

Research has shown that coaching has positive impacts on self-efficacy, motivation, stress reduction, and commitment to the organization (Sonesh, Coultas, Lacerenza, et al., 2015). To read what some Carleton employees have to say about how they benefitted from coaching, take a look at their testimonials.