The goal of the Management Development series of workshops is to provide all managers at Carleton with the support network and tools they need to succeed in their current positions. The Management Development Series provides participants with a flexible set of learning and development opportunities so they are able to address novel situations with confidence, identify campus services and colleagues where they can turn for additional assistance, and create a healthy work environment for themselves and their teams.

Like the Carleton Leader, the Management Development Series recognizes that the success of any institution must be built on the success of and collaboration between its individual members and various teams. What is unique about the Management Development Series is that it focuses on specific sets of management skills, rather than leadership more generally, allowing each manager to identify their own strengths and areas for further development. Carleton employees interested to explore leadership more broadly are invited to take part in one of the three Carleton Leader Streams. Employees who wish to develop their skills as managers are encouraged to look through the list below to identify appropriate workshops based on their personal needs. If you have an idea for a management development topic, please contact us!