Management Development provides managers with a support network and tools to succeed in their current role. We do this through a flexible series of formal, social, and experiential learning opportunities. The main goal of  Management Development is to support the development of support good management practice, and enhance individual, unit, and organizational performance by offering a clear structure managers can navigate in ways that are personally meaningful yet consistent across the organization.

Overview: Management Development builds managers’ capacity across five areas of management:

  • managing self, associated with a reflective mindset and focused development of reflective practice
  • managing relationships, associated with a collaborative mindset and skill development in interpersonal communication and collaboration
  • managing a unit, associated with an analytic mindset and skills to improve organizational excellence
  • managing in context, associated with a contextual mindset and the ability to situate perspectives and decisions in relation to local, national, and global contexts
  • managing change, associated with an action mindset and deliberate, thoughtful decision-making

Foundation: While Management Development includes area-specific routes to development, it also includes foundational elements that run across all five areas noted above. These include Management Mornings (monthly, interactive manager roundtables), HR Learning Sessions (ad hoc meetings related to updated policies and procedures), and Coaching at Carleton. These elements highlight how reflection, analysis, and action can inform and support one another.

Like Carleton Leader, Management Development recognizes that the success of any organization is built through the success of and collaboration between its individual members and various teams. Yet, management Development focuses on specific sets of management skills, rather than leadership more generally, allowing each manager to identify their own strengths and areas for further development. If you want to develop your managerial skills, we invite you to attend monthly Management Mornings and look through the list below to identify workshops based on your personal needs. If you have an idea for a management development topic, please contact us!


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