Photo of Nancy Arnold

Nancy Arnold

Director, Office of Quality Initiatives

In her role as Director of the Office of Quality Initiatives, Nancy leads the department in supporting continuous improvement in its fullest sense across Carleton University. This includes a wide range of activities, including benchmarking, leadership development in higher education (Carleton Leader), facilitation, process improvement and strategic project support

Nancy’s coaching philosophy

We often notice strengths in others, but have a hard time recognizing them in ourselves. Coaching helps to identify and build on those strengths to discover new possibilities.

The value of coaching

Having been coached, I have experienced the value of moving from simply being aware to acting on situations. Coaching allows you to see progress through a different lens. Thinking about a situation is valuable, and the role of a coach supports the transition from thinking to acting.

As a coach, it is a privilege to support people in their growth, learning and development. An opportunity to learn for my coachee becomes an opportunity to learn for me. It is amazing to witness the transformation in people when they discover their strengths and how to build on them.