Photo of Sarah Sabourin

Sarah Sabourin

Manager, Employment and Partnership Development

Sarah is the Manager, Employment and Partnership Development with Career Development and Co-operative Education.

Sarah’s coaching philosophy

I strongly believe in appreciative coaching, which means working with a person to identify their strengths as a starting point, and really building upon those in order to find success in their challenges.  Coaching is also really about a partnership between the coach and client. I know that clients have the answers within themselves, and my role is to help them unlock these answers so they can move forward.  It’s a much more powerful experience for the client when the knowledge comes from within them, rather than from me.

Lastly, I also strongly believe in coaching the whole person.  Often clients will come in with a specific topic to work on, but in our work together, they’ll experience positive change in various other aspects of their life.  That’s because everything is connected, and when I coach the person as a whole, we can really get to the root of what’s causing their problem and help them find success.  The wonderful part of this process, is the success they experience on their topic has ripple effects on other areas in their lives.

The value of coaching

I see firsthand how powerful these partnerships can be for clients. Sometimes it takes someone else to help you see your blind spots so you can move forward to find success, or sometimes even find relief. However, you don’t necessarily need to be in turmoil to benefit from coaching – truly, anyone can benefit from it. It’s about working through a challenge in some cases, in others, it’s about taking your success to the next level.

If you are even considering coaching, it’s worth reaching out and trying it – you won’t regret it!