Photo of Nadeea Rahim

Nadeea Rahim

Research Support and Program Officer

I am currently in my final year as a combined honours student in Biology and Human Rights at Carleton University. I was previously in the Humanities and Biology program but decided that it was not the program to cater to my interests. I have always been interested in critical gender research in the context of South Asia. However, as I have gone through my two years in Human Rights, I have expanded my interests and it has been very difficult to say what I ultimately enjoy! My interests continue in a gender lens in the global context, especially with refugees, but I am also interested in healthcare amongst refugee, and Black women in the Canadian context. And anti-racist/decolonial grassroots movements. And understanding the history of the Cold War. And understanding the bioethical issues of medical experiments. And learning biochemical pathways in fruit flies.

From my work with the travel expenses, to drafting the LERRN handbook, to attending meetings to journal analysis research to editing, and everything else between, I can say with full confidence that I have learned quite a lot working with LERRN for the past few years. The most exciting work has been working with Rachel McNally, as her research support, where she has led the analysis of different refugee journals, regarding knowledge gaps between the global North and South. From this experience, I have learned so much about research methodology, data collection, and analysis. As I go through each year, there is always something new to learn, so there hasn’t been a dull day in working with LERRN.