Michael RuntzLecturer biography: Michael Runtz is one of Canada’s most highly respected naturalists, nature photographers, and natural history authors, with 14 bestselling books to his name. (See an article featuring Michael Runtz and his Algonquin Park book.) A dynamic communicator, Michael Runtz is equally at home in the television or radio studio, lecture hall or classroom. His Natural History course is the most popular of its kind in Canada, due to his award-winning infectious and enthusiastic teaching style. You may have seen (and heard) him hosting the international television series Wild by Nature, speaking as a frequent guest on television and radio shows such as CBC Radio Noon, or delivering presentations for groups as diverse as outdoor educators, professional biologists, schoolchildren, and naturalists’ clubs.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Michael Runtz’ Spring 2019 lectures on Algonquin Park and Northern Ontario:

  • The lecture was incredibly well prepared and delivered. The lecturer was passionate about his subject and the photographs he used to illustrate his material were absolutely superb!
  • Michael is so knowledgeable about the nature in Algonquin Park, so many tidbits of stuff that many of us would never experience without him sharing with us. He helps to add to what we might see in the park or in other locations around the province.  He is a dynamic speaker and his photographs are stunning.
  • His encyclopedic knowledge of all aspects of nature, his ability to transfer this knowledge to his audience and his magnificent photography.
  • The photos were stunning and the lecturer’s ability to take a wealth of scientific information and target it appropriately to the audience was phenomenal. He struck the perfect balance. No one leaving that lecture would not want to learn more about Algonquin Park. It was a most enjoyable session.
  • Michael Runtz is an excellent lecturer and he made the subject material come alive. There was never a boring moment and I learned a lot.
  • What a wonderful lecture! Excellent lecture skills, fascinating knowledge transfer, a lot of good anecdotes, & a cornucopia of extraordinary photographs! This experience provided entertaining education at its best! Mr. Runtz’ passion for his subject matter was exhilarating. Well done!!
  • His knowledge and passion for the topic. If lectures were this interesting when I attended university (50 years ago) I would have attended class with much greater frequency.
  • The lecturer combined scientific information with personal anecdotes of his experiences in Northern Ontario. I learned a lot of things I did not previously know in a very engaging presentation.
  • Michael Runtz is a brilliant knowledgeable and speaker.
  • Excellent! Well structured, coherent, interesting presentation, with lecturer in complete command of his subject. Photographs a treat.
  • Michael Runtz’ photographs were spectacular, his stories were entertaining and educational.
  • Loved it! I really liked the manner in which the lecturer presented the topic.  He has a wealth of knowledge and interesting facts about Algonquin park and used humour effectively in his delivery.  The presentation was well prepared and flowed well.  His photos were informative but also visually a delight to see.
  • Lecturer was so knowledgeable and he was a very interesting and engaging speaker.  I loved seeing his portfolio of photographs and hearing all the accompanying stories. It was very fun and informative!
  • Michael Runtz pairs stunning photography with great stories and insight not only into Algonquin Park, but into research happening that is relevant to what he is discussing. He is a great lecturer and I would be happy to take any lecture that he gives, and recommend his lectures to friends too!