The Inter-University Transit System (IUTS) General Information

The Inter-university Transit System (IUTS) is operated under the authority of the Council of Ontario Universities. Information on IUTS may be obtained by calling Don Johnson, Mail Services, ext. 4300. This service is provided to faculty and staff and is not intended for use by students.

No package to be transported by IUTS should exceed 30 pounds in weight.
All items picked up by Mail Services will be sent out by the Library the next day.



Books and library items which are suitable for transportation in tote boxes used by IUTS without the possibility of damage, must be wrapped in parcels or placed in jiffy bags.

Rare books and fragile items must be adequately pre-packaged by the sending library to withstand shipment without fear of damage. Jiffy bags or other soft pack materials may be used where possible to enclose books, copies, and other library materials. The drivers will exercise the utmost care in packing packages in the tote boxes and transporting these, but cannot be held responsible for damage incurred due to improper packaging by the sender.