Mail Services is introducing mail kiosks and lockers on campus. This page will explain how they work, and what it means for Carleton faculty and staff.

Why are we introducing lockers?

The kiosks & lockers will allow the Mail Services staff to improve service across campus. Without the lockers, we currently only offer service to select buildings each day due to capacity limitations. With the lockers in place, we should be able to offer service to every department on campus, every day.

Where are the lockers located?

The lockers are grouped together into 5 kiosks, spread across campus. Each kiosk has a number of individual lockers of varying sizes, to accommodate different package dimensions. The specific locker you will need to access will vary each time you go, as they are allotted based on package size and the order in which mail is logged into the system.

The kiosk names and their corresponding locations are:

Which locker group will my department be using?

Generally it will be the locker kiosk closest to your department, but may vary by locker demand. Whenever mail is put in to a locker for you to pick up, an email notification will be sent that includes the name of the specific locker kiosk you need to visit.

However, generally speaking, here’s a breakdown of which buildings will be serviced by which locker kiosks.

Tory Loeb CTTC Canal Health Sciences
  • Nidayinan
  • Tory
  • Azrieli
  • Dunton Tower
  • Loeb
  • Southam Hall
  • Paterson Hall
  • Arise
  • HCI
  • CTTC
  • Athletics
  • Daycare
  • FMP
  • Nesbitt
  • Pigiarvik
  • Nicol
  • Architecture
  • MacKenzie
  • Canal
  • Minto CASE
  • Herzberg
  • Richcraft
  • Steacie
  • Health Sciences

Who will be notified when there is mail to pick up?

Each department must designate a person (or ideally a group of people) to be notified when there is mail to be picked up. We recommend designating more than one person in case they are sick, on holiday, otherwise busy, etc. You can add/remove people from your department’s notification list by completing this form.

How do I use the lockers?

  • When mail or small/medium packages for your department (or anyone within your dept) arrives, Mail Services will sort the mail like always, and then deliver it to your department’s designated kiosk.
  • Once the mail is in a locker, an email notification will be sent out to your department’s notification list.
    • The email will include both a PIN # and a QR code, either of which can be used to open your reserved locker.
    • Note that the specific locker within the group will change based on package size, volume, etc.
  • If your department does not pick up the mail within a few days, a reminder notice will be sent out.
  • If the mail is not picked up within 5 to 10 days (time may vary based on locker demand), it will be returned to Mail Services, and you will need to pick it up from our office in Paterson Hall.

How do I send outgoing mail?

Each set of lockers also includes a slot for outgoing mail. Simply bring your mail to the lockers and drop it off! If your mail doesn’t fit in the slot, let us know and we can arrange a specific pickup.

Your outgoing mail must have a proper address so we can charge the appropriate departmental account. Personal mail can be dropped off, so long as there is already postage attached. Please be aware that both departmental mail that is not properly labeled and personal mail without postage attached will be opened and returned to the department.

If a unique account is being charged for postage (i.e. anything other than the ordinary department account), it may be best to organize a pickup directly with the mail services team.

Is ALL mail going to be delivered through these lockers?

For the most part, yes, but there are a few exceptions:

  • Oversized packages that don’t fit in the lockers (Canada Post and Amazon packages that are too large will be delivered or held in the T31 Paterson mail room)
  • Dangerous/hazardous goods
  • Highly confidential mail

These kinds of items will continue to be delivered directly to your department or other agreed-upon locations, such as Steacie Science Stores or the Machine Shop in Mackenzie.


Do you have a question about this process that you don’t see covered here? Please ask us! You can email us at