We Care

  • We take pride in our work and our surroundings. We ensure that our physical environment is accessible, well maintained, and free of hazards.
  • We make our services accessible.
  • We take an interest in the work, studies and research of others.
  • We actively solicit feedback from our community, and tailor our services to their needs.
  • We are committed to supporting academic, professional and personal successes in an inclusive, equitable and meaningful way.
  • We participate in Service Excellence initiatives.

We are Professionals

  • We are ambassadors of Carleton University. We share our pride in being a member of the Carleton Community. Our attitudes and behaviours are guided by the values of the University.
  • We demonstrate a high level of competency in our work, and a willingness to share this knowledge. We value each other’s contributions.
  • We continuously inform and educate ourselves in our work.
  • We conduct ourselves in a professional manner and protect the privacy of others, whether in conversation or correspondence.

We are Responsive

  • We listen attentively to people before we respond, and seek confirmation that we have understood them correctly.
  • We inform our community of the options available to them.
  • We appreciate the time of others.
  • We provide timely, accurate, and quality information.
  • We anticipate and innovate to fulfill the needs of the campus community.
  • We take responsibility in the interactions we have, and solve problems at the first opportunity. If a referral to another area is required, we do so in a personal manner.

We are Reliable and Courteous

  • We are approachable and welcome the opportunity to provide assistance.
  • We follow through to make sure that needs have been addressed in a satisfactory manner.
  • We ensure consistent, effective and efficient day-to-day operations of our departments.

We Treat Everyone as an Individual

  • We approach each interaction as a new opportunity; we respect the diversity of the community that we serve.
  • We recognize the importance of providing our services in an equitable, inclusive and customized manner.
  • We take the time to put people at ease and to make them feel valued.