Connecting with a Mentor

The first few weeks of university is filled with lots of exciting and new opportunities! There is so much to see, do and learn, and first year students often find Mentors are helpful in navigating all the new information! Mentors can help you figure out how to use campus resources, how to meet people, and help connect you with your department.

Connecting with a Peer Mentor means you will have someone to ask all your questions, someone to help connect with campus resources, help you learn more about your program, and how to get involved on campus. Mentoring programs connected to the Mentorship Network are free and provide you with direct support in the transition to Carleton. Peer Mentors are trained in providing great resources and support for first year students, and help you get off to a great start here at Carleton.

Benefits of Mentoring

Having a Mentor during your first few weeks at Carleton can help you get adjusted to your new surroundings. You will be paired with an upper year student who is in a similar academic program and has a similar schedule as you in order to match you with someone who will have the skills needed to help you along your way as you get acclimated to Carleton.

Having a Mentor is a great way to become connected to the campus, focus on your academic success and personal growth, gain support from your peers at Carleton, and make connections with other students.

FYC Registration

Registration for the First Year Connections program, which occurs for the first 6 weeks of the academic year, will open in June 2021 for Fall 2021 Mentoring.

If you are a current student looking to work with a Mentor, please sign up for the Community Connections program.