1. What is FYC?
  2. Why Mentor?

What is FYC?

The First Year Connections program helps first year students make a successful transition to university life by preparing them to achieve their personal and academic goals.

Having a mentor during your first few weeks at Carleton can help you get adjusted to your new surroundings. You will be paired with an upper year student who is in a similar academic program and has a similar schedule as you in order to match you with someone who will have the skills needed to help you along your way as you get acclimated to Carleton. Having a mentor is a great way to become connected to the campus, focus on your academic success and personal growth, gain support from your peers at Carleton, and make connections with other students.

Why Mentor?

“Mentors play a very valuable part in the transition process of first year students into university. They don’t only share their knowledge and experience with them, but they also help set their foot and kick start their Carleton journey with confidence. Being a mentor is being a role model; a role model that advocates for growth!”- Zeinab (FYC Mentor 2018)