1. What is Community Connections? 
  2. Program Outcomes
  3. Is the program right for me? 
  4. How Does It Work?
  5. How Can I Register?

What is Community Connections? 

Community Connections is a year long mentorship program designed to provide students with a customized peer support.

Students who decide to participate in the Program will be able to:

  • Access peer-to-peer support on an ongoing basis
  • Further understand resources and services on campus and their purposes
  • Participate in activities designed to further enhance a sense of belonging on campus
  • Discuss challenges, highlights, goals and areas of growth with a trained peer mentor

This year, Community Connections has partnered with the Centre for Indigenous Initiatives and Health and Counselling Services to expand this program’s reach and created multiple streams to provide specialized peer support to students a part of different communities. For more information about each stream, please click below.

Program Outcomes

Students that participate can expect a customized approach that focuses on the following program outcomes as indicated by a pre-assessment questionnaire they complete.

 Community Building & Belonging Positive Mental Health & Well-Being
  • Developing strategies for building your community and sense of belonging on campus
  • Providing a safe space to express concerns and challenges you may be experiencing when it comes to inclusion and building your network of friends, resources, and support
  • Identifying areas of growth, address factors that impact your overall experience in the community, and skill development
  • Supporting you as you find where you belong on campus, in a way that feels right for you
  • Developing strategies for building positive mental health and finding balance in your life
  • Providing a safe space where you can express concerns you may have and discuss challenges you are experiencing.
  • Identifying areas of stress and strength in your life, factors that impact or enhance your well-being, and resources, skills and tools you can use to take steps to improve your overall well-being
  • Connecting you to additional support on campus to help you optimize your mental health and progress towards your goals

Is the program right for me? 

The program is open to anyone who may be looking for more support during their university experience. Some of the reasons someone may participate in the program including the following:

 Community Building & Belonging Positive Mental Health & Well-Being
  • Lack of community connection or belonging on campus
  • Difficulty developing real connections within a community
  • Loneliness, lack of support
  • Interest in taking greater ownership of a positive university experience
  • Ineffective habits for success
  • Mild Mental Health concerns
  • Not practicing good self-care
  • Ineffective coping or problem solving skills
  • Loneliness, lack of support
  • Concerns with transitions throughout the university experience
  • Interest in understanding and improving overall well-being

How Does It Work?

If you would like to participate, you will have a chance to meet with a Mentor weekly or bi-weekly. At the beginning and end of your participation you will meet with the Mentorship Coordinator and complete a questionnaire to ensure you are receiving the support you are hoping for by signing up, and that you have the skills and resources to be successful and supported after the program is over.

How Can I Register?

Registration is currently closed.