Experience the Impact

Peer Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship where trained mentors work with mentees to discover their potential, explore their new surroundings and become motivated to be an active and positive member of the Carleton community.

The experience of acting as a mentor is one that enriches the upper year student experiences, allows senior students to share past experiences, provide guidance, and build new relationships.

Mentees in a mentoring relationship are able to achieve a successful first academic year with the support of a mentor who guides them through decision making processes, helps them access resources, and develop a sense of belonging in our community.

What did participants say about their experience with First Year Connections?

“I ran into some bumps during orientation/frosh week and I was feeling a bit unsure and unsteady. Meeting with a mentor felt like a great option to just connect with someone who had  already been through the first year struggles and honestly it was nice to know that there would be at least one friendly face there if I failed to make any connections” – FYC Mentee

“My mentor helped me feel more comfortable with the transition. Coming in to university I was not sure about my progress and success but my mentor gave me tips and reassured me about my progress. This gave me confidence.” – FYC Mentee

“My favourite thing about the program was how casual and helpful my mentor was. It wasn’t really that awkward to talk to him at all, and he made me feel really at ease. He was really  kind and patient with me, and I really appreciated that! It made me feel unafraid to ask him questions that probably had a really obvious answer. I also appreciated how he spent time  outside of the meetings to help me look up some stuff I asked about.” – FYC Mentee

“Connecting with and getting to know my mentees was such a great experience! Throughout the process I learned a lot about them as well as myself. It was fantastic being able to share knowledge and some of my experiences, especially in order to support other students and be a useful resource for them!” – FYC Mentor