Laboratory Health & Safety (and HSB lab access)

Human Ethics

Animal Ethics

Conference Room

  • 2308 Health Sciences Building is available for use by members of the Department of Neuroscience and Department of Health Sciences. Priorities in order include: scheduled classes, thesis and comprehensive meetings, administrative meetings, laboratory meetings etc. You may email to request use of the room.

Ordering Supplies

  • The University has standing order contracts with various suppliers in and outside the Ottawa area. You can see approved vendors in the E-Shop system or visit Purchasing Services’ website for details.

Orders for Drugs, Chemicals

  • Faculty, staff and students who place orders for drugs and chemicals are asked to ensure that the supplier clearly indicates on the outside of the package what the order is for. Items delivered through the regular mail system will be retrieved by the Departmental Administrator, who will notify the recipient.
  • A faculty member must sign all orders for drugs and chemicals. All narcotics and prescription veterinary drug orders need the signature of the Consulting Veterinarian. It is the responsibility of faculty supervisors to discuss the safe handling of such items with their laboratory technicians and students.


  • Occupants are responsible for the removal of garbage from pails in laboratories and offices. Green garbage bags are available from the animal care staff. Garbage should be bagged and placed in the dumpster on the loading dock at the west end of the building. These doors are locked between 4:30pm and 8:30am.


  • Students wishing to place long distance calls, i.e.for information from equipment suppliers, to place orders etc. in connection with their research are requested to use their faculty advisor’s telephone. Personal long distance calls are to be made using a long distance calling card obtained from Bell Canada