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We currently have about 500 students majoring across all of our undergraduate programs, 300 students in Neuroscience and Mental Health minor, and 50 graduate students combined between the MSc and PhD programs.

In the lab, our students at each level use a range of state-of-the-art tools to answer exciting new questions about the human brain, while in the classroom you can select from a range of courses taught by our renown educators and researchers.

Our faculty members have individual research programs covering:

This work is mostly done on a collaborative basis within the Department, as well as widespread collaborations both within Carleton (epidemiology, social psychology, social neuroscience, medical physics, biology and chemistry) as well as outside of Carleton (Robarts Institute, U Ottawa, McGill, Health Canada, National Wildlife, U Haifa, U Michigan, Royal Ottawa Hospital, and all sorts of others).

Researchers in Neuroscience and Health are productive and well funded (typically in excess of $1 million per year), includes two Canadian Research Chairs, and is presently the only unit at Carleton receiving research funding from each of the three members of the funding Tricouncil of Canada (the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council). Each of our faculty have the primary missions of innovation, research and student training. The last of these is fundamental to us, and to this end are intent on making sure that graduate and undergraduate students have rewarding experiences at Carleton, which invariably fosters and facilitates productivity and innovative, cutting edge research.

If you’d like to learn about student life in Neuroscience at Carleton, the best way is to find out from our students. Visit the website of our student-run Society for Neuroscience (Ottawa Chapter) and see what some of our alumni have said about their experiences here, both in the videos below and on this page.

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