An application to the diploma programs (Type 2 or Type 3) requires:

  1. An application form and fee of $100;
  2. Two references from persons who are qualified to comment on your academic suitability for the program. These references must address why they believe you are suitable for an intensive program. The referees should have a university degree, normally at the graduate level.
  3. An optional additional reference from an employer or professional referee that testifies to your motivation for the program;
  4. A 500-word statement that describes why you wish to take the program. In particular you must comment on why you wish to take an interdisciplinary program and why you believe you will succeed in an interdisciplinary setting;
  5. Your post-secondary academic transcripts. You must submit all of your transcripts, even if you have only taken a few courses at a particular institution. Failure to submit all transcripts may void the application. The transcripts should be submitted electronically. Original copies must be presented if the application is successful.
  6. Part-time applicants must outline on a separate sheet the sequence of courses they intend to take in order to complete the program, and the academic terms (e.g., Fall 2018) in which they will be registered in these courses.
  7. Applicants whose first degree was not taken in English must provide evidence of language proficiency (e.g., ESL test scores) which indicate they can read, write, and converse in English at the graduate level.
  8. A CV or résumé may be submitted, but is not required.
  9. Applicants for a Type 3 Graduate Diploma who do not possess an Honours degree may present professional work experience for consideration. In such cases, an online interview and examples of written work will be required. The Executive Committee will consider such applications very carefully and may require additional references.
  10. Applicants for a Type 2 Graduate Diploma must submit a letter from their thesis supervisor indicating that the application to the Northern Studies program is being made with their supportive consent.

Required documents are described on the Carleton Graduate Admissions page.

Once the applications have been evaluated, potential students will be required to sign a waiver and release form with respect to the risks associated with field activities. Applicants will be required to understand the nature of the risks associated with the introductory field course and indicate that they are physically capable of undertaking the activities anticipated. No person will be admitted to the diploma without completing this form.