M.A. Northern Studies (5.0 credits)

The following courses are required:

  1. NRTH 5008 [0.0] Introductory Northern Field Course
  2. NRTH 5000 [1.0] Core Seminar: Northern Environments, Northern Societies, Northern Policy
  3. NRTH 5001 [1.0] Core Seminar: Northern and Arctic Issues
  4. NRTH 5901 [0.5] Practicum in Northern Studies
  5. NRTH 5905 [0.5] Comprehensive Examination
  6. NRTH 5009 [0.5] Field Course in Canada’s North

AND 0.5 credit from:

  • GEOG 5003 [0.5] Critical Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry
  • PECO 5001 [0.5] The Methodology of Political Economy
  • SOCI 5105 [0.5] Selected Topics in Social Research

In addition, 1.0 credit must be chosen from the following list, or as approved by the Program Supervisor. Courses on the roster of M.Sc. electives may be approved. In addition, students may take other courses at Carleton or the University of Ottawa for credit towards the degree, after obtaining permission and completing the appropriate form. The key requirement for approval of these courses will be their relevance to Northern Studies or the professional development of the student. At least one of the elective courses should be relevant to Northern Studies and in social sciences or the humanities.

  • ANTH 4610 [0.5] Advanced Studies in Indigenous Peoples of North America: Current Issues in Anthropological Research
  • ANTH 5004 [0.5] Ecological Anthropology
  • ANTH 5106 [0.5] North American Indigenous Peoples
  • ANTH 5208 [0.5] Anthropology of Indigeneity
  • CDNS 5101 [0.5] Indigenous Peoples, Canada and the North
  • CDNS 5700 [0.5] Arctic Passages: The Changing Dynamics of Canada’s North
  • GEOG 5600 [0.5] Empire and Colonialism
  • PADM 5224 [0.5] Aboriginal Policy
  • PADM 5614 [0.5] Natural Resource Management

Applicants may apply for advanced standing in the epistemology/methods course and the elective courses.

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