University is a very exciting time for students as they meet new friends and engage in the social and scholarly life of the university. For the parents and family members of these students, the start of university can be filled with mixed emotions. At Carleton, we are thrilled that your student is joining our community, and we have built this page as a guide to help you help your student through the transition into their new life as a university student.

Everyone reacts to the university transition in their own way, but there are some common challenges that all students face.

Students are getting oriented to a new campus, learning university policies and procedures and adjusting to different class sizes and academic expectations than they were faced with in high school. Keeping up with lectures, assignments, financial pressures, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities and social engagements means time management will be a priority.

The student experience at Carleton expands beyond academics. During their time at Carleton, students are balancing transitions, relationships, financial pressures, academic commitments and extra-curricular activities, all while getting to know who they are and learning how to manage multiple demands. Within their first few months of being here, you may start to notice changes in how they think about certain issues and interact with others. As they’re introduced to different ideas, cultures and beliefs they will begin to adopt new values and explore new identities.

Pathways to Graduation

The Pathways to Graduation website is designed to help guide your student along a path to graduation that is right for them. As they transition through each phase of their undergraduate degree and reach their ultimate goal of graduation, important information related to the five pillars of success – academics, employability, campus life, finances, and wellness – is contained within each phase. Your student can explore the phase that is most applicable to them and let the success pillars within each phase guide them towards graduation.

The Pathways to Graduation website is specifically designed to guide your student through their own individual path, so to get started they have to select where they are in their degree and which program they are studying. From here, the website will guide them through tips to get started, resources that will help them, and how they can succeed within each of the five pillars. They will also be provided a summarized checklist to help them navigate the start of their journey. A glossary of all of the terms they will need to know throughout their degree is also provided.

Carleton is proud to provide this new website that will answer all of the questions your students may have as they begin this exciting transition.