1. Campus Life
  2. Employment
  3. Safety on Campus

Campus Life

University Life takes place both in and out of the classroom. Your student has the opportunity to learn about themselves and from others through engaging with all that Carleton has to offer. Your student has access to over 200 clubs and societies, state of the art athletic facilities and employment opportunities. Encourage your student to visit the Student Experience Office or browse the Carleton Student website to learn more about how to get involved.


Many students are deciding if they want, or need, to find part-time employment throughout the school year. Those who do wish to secure part-time employment must be able to successfully manage their time to take on both part-time work and full-time studies.Working on campus may be an option and this type of employment tends to be more manageable in the long run. Among other things, a part-time job at Carleton translates into fewer time consuming transportation issues.

You may want to talk with your student about what it means to pursue a manageable workload. You can also suggest that your student take advantage of the services offered through Co-op and Career Services and encourage them to visit the CuHire portal located on Carleton Central.

Safety on Campus

Your student’s attendance at Carleton may include a move to a new city. Getting oriented with new surroundings and people places a new emphasis on personal safety.
Carleton University’s Campus Safety Services addresses the needs of the community for personal safety, protection of property and parking needs. The department conducts foot, bike and vehicular patrols of the campus. If your student is walking home late in the evening, they can call on the Foot Patrol for a safe walk to their destination. If they find themselves in an emergency situation on campus, there are a number of red phones on campus that direct straight to Campus Safety. These phones are located in building lobbies, corridors, computer labs, and parking garages. To report an Emergency call 613-520-4444 for Police/Fire/Ambulance response. Students can call the Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team (CUSERT) for immediate assistance. CUSERT is a volunteer campus emergency response team serving the Carleton University community in Ottawa, Ontario. CUSERT operates at the Canadian Red Cross level of First Responder, allowing responders to utilize equipment such as oxygen, spinal immobilization devices, and automated external defibrillators.

If your student is living in residence, some important safety tips to be aware of include:

  • Reporting suspicious people or activities to the Department of University Safety immediately by calling 613-520-4444.
  • Never propping open building doors or allowing unknown people into residence buildings.
  • Hiding valuable items from plain view and closing their windows when leaving their room.
  • Keeping their doors locked when they are away, sleeping or in the shower.
  • Not loaning out their keys to other students.